Acne Clear Facial

Acne Clear Facial

When you’re prone to acne and acne scarring, it can be hard to find the right skin care treatments and products.

The Clear Facial is formulated to help destroy acne-causing bacteria, unblock your pores and regulate sebum production. It also reduces inflammation, refines open pores and can prevent the formation of acne scars.

For the best results, this facial treatment for acne includes a Hyaluronic acid mask and LED Light Therapy.

Improvements to your skin are visible immediately and you should continue to see positive changes over several weeks. Many people find this is an ideal monthly facial treatment to keep their skin in the best health.


1 session - £85

4 sessions - £300


How do I know if the Acne Clear Facial is the right treatment for me?

The Acne Clear Facial is a great treatment for acne-prone or oily skin as it reduces redness and inflammation while balancing sebum production and other related concerns such as enlarged or blocked pores.

The purpose of the skin analysis during your consultation is to identify the best treatment for your skincare concerns. The Acne Clear Facial could be ideal but we will make you aware of other options if we think they would better suit your needs.  

Can I wear make-up after my facial?

We recommend keeping your skin clear for 24 hours following your facial. If you do need to use make-up, opt for a mineral product that will not clog your pores.

How often should I have this facial?

Generally, we recommend having this facial every two to four weeks. However, we will always look at the condition of your skin and the concerns you want to treat before giving you an individual recommendation at your consultation.

Will you recommend any home care products afterwards?

For the best results, we recommend to maintain a skin care routine in between your facials with us. Your Aesthetician will discuss your needs with you, and will be able to help you choose the optimum product/s for your skin.